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a fanworks communtity dedicated to siwon/eunhyuk

shiwon and eunhyuk

this is sihyuk, the fan community for siwon and eunhyuk from the popular idol group Super Junior. they are known for their hugs on stage, the kisses on the cheeks and the obvious fan service on stage. sihyuk is dedicated to these two - and their relationship. please support by posting fan art, fan fiction and other fan works!

one - you must be a fan of siwon, eunhyuk and super junior. be a fan of sihyuk! there will be no bashing at all in this community, be it the posters to the two boys. this is a community of love, not hate!
deux - don't go off topic. this is a siwon/eunhyuk community, meaning you shouldn't be posting anything either than siwon, eunhyuk or sihyuk. other pairings are okay for sides, but we want these two in the front!
trois - any fan fiction must contain the title, rating, genre and author. please tag properly. any fanficition posted to the community must be under an lj cut, and any fan art must be under a cut, too. for icons, the max of icons allowed to be previewed is three. if you have a habit of friend locking your work, keep it available for three days. any fics rated higher than R must be locked to the community.
quatre - have fun!

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